Lotus Bakeries attaches great importance to clear Corporate Governance practices and policies, as articulated in our Corporate Governance Charter and Articles of Association.

Our company's corporate governance framework is continually updated and evaluated in light of relevant legislation, changed circumstances or developments in corporate governance policy.


Lotus Bakeries Whistleblowing Line

Lotus Bakeries is committed to act with integrity, honesty, fairness and in full compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations at all times and in an ethical manner.  Trust in our company and brands makes consumers want to buy our products, retailers to list our products, (co-) manufacturers to produce our products, investors to value our stock and talented people to join our Lotus community.

Despite our commitments on ethical behaviour, you may observe conduct that concerns you, or that seems to violate Lotus Bakeries Code of Conduct, our policies or applicable laws and regulations. If you observe or suspect misconduct, we would ask you to speak up.

Click here to connect to Lotus Bakeries Whistleblowing line, which is made available for confidential reporting of issues. More information about how our Whistleblowing line works can be found in our Whistleblowing Policy (see downloads above).