Our ambition is to make our products more and more sustainable. This ambition involves much more than just the production process. People, environment and society - we treat them all with care and respect. So that we remain successful as a company, today and tomorrow. And consumers can continue to enjoy our products.

Lotus Bakeries' approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is reflected in our sustainability programme 'Care for Today - Respect for Tomorrow'. At the heart of this programme, are our 4 pillars of sustainability: society, employees, people and environment.


4 pillars of sustainability



Lotus Bakeries has a role to play in society. We are only too happy to assume our responsibilities, time and time again. As part of this first pillar, we deliberately focus on educational projects. Because education is a way of rescuing children from poverty. Discover how we contribute to society by supporting the Kusasa project and child sponsorships.





Every employee deserves our respect. After all, it's thanks to the motivation and commitment of our employees that we make a difference. Key objectives within this pillar are our employees' well-being and an inspirational corporate culture. Hence our focus on safety in the workplace. 





Our aim is to ensure in a responsible way that consumers can enjoy products produced by us in a sustainable manner. That's why we work to achieve high-quality products and processes every day.




Environment Environment   

Because all of our ingredients come from nature, we like to give something back. We continuously monitor and improve the impact of all our processes on nature. Main focus is on responsible packaging and our ecological footprint. By setting up a bicycle leasing programme for our employees, for example. 




Check out our commitments to learn more about Lotus Bakeries' CSR programme in practice: