The shares of Lotus Bakeries are listed on Euronext Brussels since 1988.

The biscuit company was founded by Jan Boone and partnered up with the Stevens family in 1974. Both families remain the majority shareholders as part of the Stichting Administratiekantoor van Aandelen Lotus Bakeries ("STAK").



Status as per 15 June 2022

Pie chart 15.06.2022


  • Capital: the capital amounts to EUR 3,591,183.65
  • Shares: there are 816,013 shares of Lotus Bakeries, in registered or dematerialised form, of which 5,258 treasury shares or 0.64%
  • Voting rights: the total number of voting rights of Lotus Bakeries amounts to 1,237,813. The voting rights related to the 5,258 treasury shares have been suspended



Transparency legislation

Pursuant to the law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings, investors in Lotus Bakeries who reach or pass certain thresholds of ownership, need to file a transparency notice with the Belgian Financial Services Market Authority (FSMA) and at the same time notify this to Lotus Bakeries. Detailed information can be found in the FSMA's Extract from Guide to the Transparency Legislation. Lotus Bakeries has not adopted any additional statutory notification thresholds.


Information for investors

Contact for notification:


The notifications received are listed below:

Notice from Reason Date Press release
STAK Below 70% 29-09-2021 NL - EN
STAK Above 70% 09-06-2020 NL - EN
Holding Biloba bvba Below 5 % 13-08-2019 NL - EN - FR
Holding Biloba bvba Above 5% 3-07-2014 NL - EN - FR
STAK Below 60% 5-04-2013 NL - EN - FR