As of mid-2021, all of Lotus Bakeries’ HR data from 15 different countries is centralised in a brand-new tool: MyLotus. Besides making it much easier to request and report HR data, the tool also streamlines many HR processes.

“Until a few months ago, we had no integrated system in which the HR data for all of our employees around the world came together”, begins Evy Van den Brande, HR Project Leader. “That was really time-consuming and not always efficient. Plus it was difficult for new employees to form a good picture of the organisation and its reporting lines.”




Now, all of this HR data is not only available in real time in MyLotus – based on SAP SuccessFactors technology – it is also completely up to date. “Plus the tool allows us to standardise and streamline HR processes in the various regions”, Evy continues. “For example, we can organise both recruiting and onboarding more uniformly across the various countries. So that every employee now enjoys the same experience worldwide. Whereas, in the past, they often still had to fill in all of their personal data on paper, received printed policies, and HR then got everything ready for them to start, the newcomer can now log in before their first working day, enter their personal data and add a photo, view or sign documents online. The fact that this now happens in the same way in almost all countries is a huge advantage. New employees often tell us that they really appreciate being onboarded in such a professional manner.”






Another advantage of the new system is that it makes it easy for newcomers to visualise the organisation: “Employees can view organisation charts based on reporting lines. They can look up colleagues by name or job title and you can see all of the organisation charts for the teams in the Group: it’s all possible. That gives a good picture of how the organisation fits together.
This can come in useful in case of acquisitions too: until the acquisition, the employees of the acquired company have often been part of a smaller organisation. Then they find themselves in a big Group. This can be hard for them to grasp. Thanks to the tool, they can see how they fit into the bigger organisation, search for contacts, and place people. Yet another advantage is that every employee has access to the data that is held on him or her and can check and update it, for instance on moving house. This helps make the data more accurate.”



Efficiency and added value were top priorities in choosing MyLotus. These are also the reasons for linking up with other systems. “For instance, in countries with many employees, newcomers’ data automatically flows into the local payroll system. This avoids us entering things twice.” And there is a connection to the IT system too. “When someone new joins, linking the two systems means that the ICT department is informed of this the next day. They can then create an email address, prepare an account and an automatic email is sent to the new employee’s manager, who specifies which hardware and software will be needed for that person.” The same happens when someone leaves: so that ICT can make sure that that person’s account is closed in a timely manner, and no security breaches can occur.



The new tool has already met with an enthusiastic response from employees. “We are getting very positive reactions from all corners of the organisation. Our employees are making good use of the tool. Our goal in future is to direct them more and more to this central HR point, by adding extra processes”, Evy continues.
In 2022, Lotus Bakeries is working on running the performance management process via MyLotus as well. “By linking up with more HR tools, MyLotus will become the central info point for everything to do with HR. We are really proud of what’s already in place. We can build on this good foundation year by year. In the future, we want to use all of the data in the system to create analyses, reports and dashboards for our KPIs. There is a wealth of data available. We can use this to make forecasts, detect and capitalise on trends. The advantage of having all of the data in one system is immense. Before, this would have taken us days, now it’s all available at the push of a button.”

Finally, Evy emphasises that implementing the tool was a real challenge that could only be completed thanks to the good cooperation between the HR colleagues and the ICT department. “Building connections with other systems, is certainly not easy. Particularly with payroll data, it’s crucial that everything goes 100% right. That’s why we tested it ad infinitum to prevent any errors from occurring. This would not have been possible without the assistance of our ICT colleagues. Plus the close collaboration between the HR team and the area HR colleagues has ensured, more than ever, that a single HR community has been created, with more frequent contact than before on various HR topics. The icing on the cake of this challenging project”, Evy concludes.