The child sponsorships are set up in collaboration with Cunina at the school in Reichenau, Underberg, South Africa. It was Lotus Bakeries' wish to provide extra support in developing regions, especially in education. As such, Lotus Bakeries decided to give financial support and engage in godparenthood of around 100 children.

One-to-one relationships

Employee involvement is high: our corporate employees were given the chance to become godparents and build up a one-to-one relationship with their sponsored child. In fact, letters, drawings, pictures and school reports are exchanged. In doing so, our employees develop a personal bond with their sponsored child.

Long-term commitment

The children are supported from the first year at primary school to the final year of secondary education. As such, there's a long term engagement for around 12 years.

Great enthusiasm

The Lotus Bakeries' employees are very enthusiastic about this initiative. They responded very positively upon its launch and are very proud to work for a company that supports such a worthy initiative.