The Kusasa school

Since 2018, Lotus Bakeries is the main sponsor of the Kusasa school. This school is an educational project in South Africa's Western Cape Province and is close to our company's heart.



The Kusasa school aims to address the systemic deficiencies in the areas of education, nutrition and sports for disadvantaged children.

The lack of access to primary education in the region is one of the greatest contributors to the recurring cycle of poverty. Pirmary education is a critical stage in education which has the greatest impact on the future human development. This is where the Kusasa school wants to contribute.


High standard education

The people behind Kusasa have built a new primary school and recruited highly skilled and passionate teachers. They want to offer children from the shanty towns a high standard of education. The standard at the school is now as high as that of leading private schools in the region. It offers talented yet disadvantaged children a future.


better future

Every year, around 130 children at the school can receive a good basic education. They are moreover supported in their further development. As a result, they can look forward to a better future, which is also good for society in the region.

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