The Kusasa Project

As of 2018, Lotus Bakeries supports Kusasa, a special charity in South Africa's Western Cape Province. The people behind Kusasa have built a new primary school and recruited highly skilled teachers to offer children from the shanty towns a decent education. Every year, more than 150 children can receive a good basic education. As a result, they can look forward to a better future. Besides this, the organisation serves 1,000 meals a day at local crèches and schools.

Lotus Bakeries chose this project because it takes a broad view of education and wants to raise standards. For example, by releasing funds for good teachers who not only believe in what they do, but also have the right skills to offer a broad education. We are convinced that our support for these projects can make a difference and that we're making a fundamental contribution. We know that we're helping the children with their own personal development, and at the same time are making an impact on their wider environment.

The Kusasa project is situated in a region where there's lots of poverty. That is the reason why Lotus Bakeries decided to support this project. The fact that Lotus Bakeries is building a new production site for the BEAR range in the same region also played a role. Soon, the site will offer employment to more than 300 people, of which perhaps some of the children we support will be part. But at the moment it's a pipe dream. For now, it is about empowering them, increasing their assertiveness and allowing them to develop their talents. 

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"It's about more than just education: the project focuses on healthy food for the children, who often have nothing to eat, but also makes them aware of their talents, enables them to develop these talents and boosts their assertiveness."

William Du Pré

Corporate Director Quality, Procurement and R&D