Lotus Bakeries wishes to contribute to the fight against poverty. Poverty exists. Everywhere. Also in Ghent (Belgium), the largest city near Lotus Bakeries' headquarters. 


Ghent poverty report

According to the Ghent poverty report (2018):

  • 23% of the children in Ghent are born in poverty
  • 20% of young people in Ghent leave secondary education without a school-leaving certificate


Ghent talent workshop for young people

Lotus Bakeries wishes to assist in remedying these numbers via its support for TAJO, Ghent Talent Workshop for young people. The organisation focusses on socially vulnerable young people in the Ghent area and wants to stimulate their motivation to study. Via interactive workshops, these young people are immersed in a wide range of fields.


Our aim?

To encourage socially vulnerable people to choose the right direction, in education and in their further lives.