This project was set up together with Cunina at the school in Reichenau, Underberg, South Africa. It was our wish to provide extra support in developing regions, especially in education. As such, Lotus Bakeries has made a long-term commitment by supporting a second educational project financially and by engaging in godparenthood of around 100 children.

We wanted to increase the involvement of our employees by offering them the chance to become godparents. While the financial support comes from the company, the employees from the corporate department are the godparents and get to build up a one-to-one relationship with their sponsored child. In fact, letters and school reports are exchanged, which enables our employees to get to know their sponsored child.

The children are supported from the first year at primary school to the final year of secondary education, meaning that there's a long term engagement for around 12 years. The Lotus Bakeries' employees responded very enthusiastically upon the launch of this initiative and are very proud to work for a company that organises this.

Just like the Kusasa project, the sponsorships are situated in a region where there's a lots of poverty. Here too, Lotus Bakeries wishes to support the area by maintaining our commitment.



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"As a Lotus employee, it's great that we can do our bit for the 'Care for Today - Respect for Tomorrow' programme. We consider it a privilege to be able to do this as a family for children who have less opportunities than our own children, and support them in their schooling so that they can use their talents and ultimately also do their bit to help create a better future."

Roel de Jong

Corporate Procurement Director