A personalized and challenging career path for passionate and driven young graduates


What do we offer?

Lotus Bakeries offers an intensive two-year programme during which you will get to know our company and build up operational experience in one of our departments. Once you have started in your role, you will join forces with all Young Graduates to work on a cross-functional project of strategic importance, sponsored by our Executive Committee. What’s more, you will be invited to participate in our Young Graduates training & development programme to further develop your skills and knowledge.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Young Graduate with a Master or MBA degree who is ambitious, result-oriented and passionate to join Lotus Bakeries.

Following our TOP Values, we aim for driven people that are great at working together towards a common goal, have strong communication skills with an open and honest mindset and who really want to make a difference through their passionate and enthusiastic approach.

Your academic background will help you grow and evolve at Lotus Bakeries, but it’s your personality, mindset and drive that will make you stand out!


Don't hesitate and apply today!

Have a look at our different areas and select the one that fits your ambitions best:


Throughout the selection process and in line with your personal knowledge and expertise, we will build a personalised programme to bring out the best in you and us!


What surprised me most about Lotus Bakeries, is how much ambition there is to grow and how fast we're moving forward across the world

Elisa Vandekerckhove

Young Graduate Marketing