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HR policy

How does HR contribute to ‘sustainable Growth & Profit’ ? 

Lotus Bakeries’ HR policy starts from the company’s objective of achieving sustainable growth and profitability in its core activities.
Our HR policy is intended to show, in a transparent way, how we as an organization and as employees can together achieve this objective.
How means: “What do we as a company stand for ? On what principles do we work in the company between ourselves and with the outside world? What issues are important here ?”
In concrete terms this translates into a set of values, a number of core competencies and a specific culture.


Values @ Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Bakeries is a fast growing and profitable international family business. This is clearly reflected in the importance of the importance it attaches to its values. The Lotus Bakeries values help us on our way to achieving our objectives and form the cornerstone of our TOP values.

What then are the Lotus TOP values ? What is particularly important for us ?

  • Team Spirit: working together to build the company on the basis of mutual trust, respect and consultation.
  • Open Dialogue: Listening with an open mind, proactive communication and respectful feedback to promote personal development.
  • Passion: Drivenness and enthusiasm give you energy as an employee, pride and involvement enable you to give the best of yourself every day. Our employees are our ambassadors.


What key competencies are important for us ?

It is also true that our organization and its employees stand out for the following core competencies: critical vision of the work, out-of-the-box thinking, genuine ownership and healthy daring.

Can you think out-of-the-box ?
Lotus Bakeries employees need to be creative in their thinking, acting and dealing with others. It is essential that they can come up with new ways of implementing the strategy, original solutions to problems in their immediate and wider work environments, and innovative working methods to replace existing ones, including drawing inspiration from elsewhere.

Do you have a vision for your work ?
We want our employees to have a critical vision of their work and how this contributes to achieving the strategic goals. Our objective is to create distinctive market strengths. There is room here for intuition and feeling, alongside rational thinking.
We like colleagues who believe in what they are doing, fight for it is necessary and achieve original results.

Do you have ownership ?
We believe in people who take ownership and, from a sense of involvement, do things for customers and consumers as if for themselves. Taking ownership guarantees results.

Do you dare accept challenges ?
We believe in people who want to broaden their horizons and are ready to stick their necks out, and to question themselves and their environment. Spontaneity, collegiality and trust play an important role here.

These core competencies and values form the basis of our culture.


How does Lotus Bakeries put this into concrete practice ?

Specifically, 3 years ago the Leadership @ Lotus Bakeries project was launched. This serves as a basis for all HR processes and policies, from recruitment to personal development to performance management. In this way we have an integrated HR policy across the group, while respecting and preserving cultural differences from one country to another.


Could this be for you ?

Do you feel called by this mission and the way we give the best of ourselves every day ? Want to join us in expanding our strong brands ? Pick up the challenge of placing differentiated products on the market ? Then we may have a challenge for you. Send us your CV or visit our current vacancies on our jobsite.