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Inspired by the European Mobility Week, Lotus Bakeries introduced a bicycle leasing programme for its employees. 


The European Mobility Week is the yearly celebration of sustainable mobility, supported by the Flemish government. More than 2,000 actions and initiatives were organised in 2019, all aimed at improving public health and quality of life. On account of the four pillars and our care for the environment, Lotus Bakeries has given the extra push by setting up a 'Bike to work' initiative. For one week in September, employees are encouraged to leave their car at home and take the bike instead.


What started as a mobility action, turned into a proper bicycle leasing programme within the company. Lotus Bakeries wants to contribute to a sustainable future by facilitating bike leasing for its employees. Today, more than 150 corporate and Belgian employees are leasing a bicycle at Lotus Bakeries. Cycling to work is not only beneficial to your health, you also avoid traffic jams and reduce transportation emissions.


Because of its success, attention is given to the renewal of existing bicycle parkings at the buildings and plants.




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"I strongly believe in alternative ways for travelling to work and go by bike as much as I can. Biking is healthy, clears the mind, is enjoyable and it's also better for the environment." 

Denis Pieters

Consolidation Manager