Lotus Bakeries intends to stand up to its responsibility concerning plastic packaging. It is committed to ensuring that all its packaging will be recyclable by 2025. COO Ignace Heyman explains and sheds light on this commitment. 

Ignace Heyman COO

"There are different types of packaging, all of which are a necessity for producers in the food sector. Only by properly protecting our product can we create a superior taste experience for our consumers. And we don’t want to make any concessions in this respect. Our Biscoff cookies must be crunchy and fresh, our frangipane creamy and soft. To ensure that taste experience and product quality, we have to pack our product, creating a barrier against outside influences. In addition, a high-quality packaging also guarantees a longer shelf life of our products, which helps to prevent food waste. An aspect at least as worrying as packaging waste."


Less waste

"As a company we are concerned about the mountains of packaging waste and want to reduce our packaging footprint. At Lotus Bakeries we constantly evaluate and reevaluate the materials used. For example, thanks to technical innovations and a great deal of research, we recently succeeded in reducing the weight of the plastic around the 250g Lotus Biscoff cookie by as much as 11%. That translates into a substantial amount of plastic now removed from the market."

all packaging recyclable 

"We are confident that we can meet our commitment to make all packaging recyclable by 2025. While a large number of products in our range already have recyclable packaging, for several other products we are still looking for a solution. For example, the plastic film used for our 250g Lotus Biscoff pack is metallised, making it difficult to recycle: the infrared detection used in waste-sorting centres cannot distinguish the different metallised plastics (PP, PE and PET) from each other. As a company, we are obviously also dependent on various other partners. Luckily, technologies are evolving fast and we are confident that we will soon find a solution for this film as well."


Biscoff sustainable packaging team

"To meet our commitment we have put together a team of experts tasked with searching for improvements in this field. We assess each potential new packaging with regard to its impact on shelf life and product quality. Because, as we mentioned earlier, we’re not making any compromises in this field. In a first phase, the team is focussing on the packaging of our Biscoff products. We will subsequently apply the expertise gained to the other products in our range, ultimately fulfilling our commitment for all our brands and products. At the latest by 2025."